Year 2007

Formed Abi Ventures as a Sole Proprietorship with Muthu Kalimuthu  at the HELM. Abi Ventures was formed for the sole purpose of carrying out trading activities in animal husbandry and equipment and machinery pertaining to agriculture and fodder cropping.

Since December 2010, we have imported about 1,200 dairy cattle into Malaysia from Thailand.   This is made possible due to the ownership of import AP of  Abi Ventures.

We are also the sole distributor for Pati Pong Agriculture Machinery for Malaysia  and the Sole Agent for Thai Friesian dairy for ANTECH(2006) Thailand PTY.

Additional Info Pertaining To Dairy Farming And Animal Husbandry ( Cattle And Goat Farming)

Currently, the animal husbandry division in Agricultural sector is a highly profitable venture. The Ministry of Agro Agriculture (MOA) has acknowledged the importance of Agricultural sector and has activated all relevant activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Dairy farming is a huge area for growth whereby 90% of the nation’s need for milk and dairy products is imported. Cattle farming for dairy is a profitable venture as it is a 2 in 1 business opportunity.  The dairy cattle has a 50% chance of giving birth to a male calf which can be fattened and later slaughtered for its meat. The local demand for beef is quite encouraging whereby to meet the demand about 70% of the beef consumed has to be imported.


We have vast experience in animal husbandry having been involved for the past 25 years in this field.  Our team  made frequent visits to the following countries in the course of leading buyers, government officials, for learning purposes and to establish direct contacts with cattle and dairy suppliers .

Below are the details of our visits:


Number of Visits









We own 40 acres of holding yard at Rembau Negeri Sembilan and we import cattle directly from abroad. Cattles are quarantined first to examine any access in stock breed before distributing to buyers. These cattle are kept in our farm at Rembau which does not incur any additional holding cost for us. The stock holding yard at Rembau farm is managed well by a Vetenarian and Mr Muthu Kalimuthu with 4 workers.

The Agricultural Ministry wants the cattle and dairy farming industry in Malaysia to grow and has initiated various programs and incentives to stimulate the potentially huge industry. For the industry to progress we need good quality breeding stock and our company Abi Ventures is in position to deliver high quality breeder stock for the cattle and dairy farming industry.

Our farmers require a consistent supply of breeder stock which is not only  of a high quality but also of a comparatively cheaper price. With this we  need not depend on leading agricultural countries like Australia, new Zealand and the EC community as their cost of supplying is relatively high due to exchange rates fluctuations and high transport charges.  In  comparison, breeder stock imported from Australia will  cost RM 6,500.00- 8,000.00 per head whereas the same quality breeder stock cattle can be  imported from Thailand with the prices ranging from RM 5,500 to RM 5,800 per head. The cattle imported from Thailand can easily acclimatise to our climate as we share  similar weather conditions.

The company has THREE Veterinarians. TWO are part time consultants:

  • Dr Mahendran –  ex VRI             –  (012 523 0087) for diseases control
  • Mr Dorearajah –  ex DVS           – (012 238 1368) for reproduction

ONE is a Full time Veterinarian :

  • Dr Pornteph – ex- JPH,  from Thailand  

We have made arrangements to procure or rent a stock yard in the northern corridor area for this purpose.

In about 5 years’ time, with a strong Governmental support the demand for imported high quality breeder stock will decline because the local companies are able to meet the rising demand. However, we need to position ourselves in such a manner by diversifying into other areas such as:

  • Providing professional advice and consultancy in the supply of cattle semen, embryo, equipment relating to agro agriculture and other related activities like the import of feeders, dairy and meat goats and machinery.
  • Establishing own cattle farms and collaborate with Koternak to supply our own breeder stock.


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