– Gasoline engine 13 hp at sharp speed of 3600 rpm maximum torque

   2.7 kg.m at 2500 rmp.

– Average chopping capacity 900- 2000 kg/hr.

– The machine can chop small size of both fresh and dry material upto

   the diameter of 2.5 inch for example tree  branch ,vegetable, fruit, corncob,

   cherry shell, grass and rice straw for feeding the cattle or making biofertilizer.

– Chopping grass or rice straw without any blocking of the rotor and get the good

   results after chopping.

– Compact machine, light weight, easy to transport, convenient to operate.

– Dimension ( W x L x H ) 125 x165 x 126cm, Approx. weight 165kg.

– Machine body made from special grade of iron.

– It is suitable for hard work and continuous working.

– During machine operation, the material will be get inside the machine easily

  which will increase the safety of operation.

– Can also destroy the amount of office documents such as paper.

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